Eleni Anagnostou

I am the PDRA at NOC (University of Southampton) working on the hypothesis that the change in Cenozoic climate state from the greenhouse of the early Cenozoic to the icehouse of the late Cenozoic was driven by a decline in the CO2 content of the atmosphere (pCO2).

For this purpose I am generating accurate and high-resolution records of whole water column pH using boron isotopes from multiple sites, in addition to B/Ca measurements, providing new constraints on atmospheric pCO2 and oceanic carbon storage in the early Cenozoic. The selection of a wide geographic range of sites will not only provide a global picture of the oceanic carbonate system but also allow monitoring the effect of diagenesis on boron isotopes and thus pH reconstructions. The generated pH-profiles will finally be combined with existing and new reconstructions (provided by collaborator H. Palike) of the calcium carbonate compensation depth (CCD) to drive simple box models of the ocean carbonate system in order to better estimate pCO2.